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About Us


These are golden times for fans of online gambling and ChipAnalyst is dedicated to giving you the best information possible as a player to help you drive success at the tables.

Though the amount of options available to players has never been greater, it can be hard to choose the best options from a crowded field. Our mission is to help you make the best choices when playing and help you approach playing in online casinos with confidence.

Games On Offer At Online Casinos

Whether your game is poker, blackjack, roulette or simply slots, our guides to online casino games will give you everything you need to know to get the most bang for your buck. You’ll find complete guides to playing poker for real money, overviews of different tactics and strategies, and a series of tips to put the odds in your favour.

Selecting The Right Online Casino For You

Not all casinos are created equally. As a savvy player, you want to be using specific criteria to evaluate the offers available to you and make sure that you’re making the right choice with your funds. We’ll guide you through key elements to look for in online casinos, the differences between virtual and live dealer casinos, what to look out for with mobile casinos and much more besides.

Learning If Online Casinos Are Legal In Your Country

The legislative environment around online casinos varies considerably from country to country and sometimes even from state to state within territories. At ChipAnalyst we encourage responsible gambling and we’ve put together comprehensive guides to working out the legalities for wherever you happen to be based.

Account Funding And Withdrawal

One of the most critical parts of planning your overall online casino strategy is getting your account funding and withdrawal options optimized. We’ve got you fully covered in that regard with a series of articles stepping through the pros and cons of all major account funding options.

Whether it’s PayPal, standard credit cards or newer options such as Bitcoin, we’ll take you through all the advantages and disadvantages of each method and show you how to set up a sensible list of options you can profit from.

How To Find The Best Online Casino Bonuses

As the world of online casinos becomes ever more competitive, individual casinos offer a whole series of initial and ongoing bonuses for new players. We’ll provide a full guide to all the options you’ll be confronted with, show you where to find the most competitive offers and explain the difference between items such as deposit and no deposit bonuses.

We’ll also get you up to speed on the critical importance of understanding concepts such as playthrough terms and what to look out for in the small print when you’re trying to assess a bonus.