Poker Mobile Applications

If you’ve got ambitions of making it to the top of the professional pile, or maybe you just want to improve your Hold’em strategy so you can start raking in more chips at your favourite online casino, nowadays there are a deluge of intuitive poker apps that are actually worth the space they take up on your mobile phone or tablet. Here’s our list of the best poker support apps on the market right now.

Insta Poker

Insta Poker is the ultimate mobile training app available to download free on iOS devices. The app helps you develop your Hold’em skills and master the idiosyncrasies of a range of different poker strategies by playing challenging hands and receiving instant feedback from well-known and established professionals. Your score for each hand is measured by the quality of your decision making, not by how many chips you win, which really helps you focus on honing your technique.


Mfortune is a cross-platform app that expertly caters for the poker beginner. The app lists a full breakdown of hand rankings so you don’t need to venture elsewhere for a fundamental poker guide. Many online strategy sites like onlinepokergenius suggest that one of the cardinal sins of poker is not managing your bankroll but with Mfortune you will have no fears because the app provides handy tips on how to bet responsibly.

Poker MultiGym

The concept of a ‘MultiGym’ was pioneered by sports trainers with the aim of isolating individual parts of the body and exercising them separately. Now poker app developers have jumped on the bandwagon and rolled out their own take: Poker MultiGym. Available to download on Android devices, MultiGym breaks down complex poker nuances and will train you on Bet Sizing, Card Combos, Count Them Outs and Pot Equity rates.


PokerCruncher is a surprisingly robust app developed by PokerCruncher LLC that gives you the ability to brush up on virtually any odds related to poker.

Unlike competing apps, PokerCruncher will compute your odds with unbelievable efficiency and speed thanks to its crisp interface that makes it easy to use hand ranges.

PokerCruncher is an ideal tool to have if you play online poker a lot because it makes it more convenient to check hand odds on your mobile rather than having a separate calculator that you switch between open on your computer screen

Poker Analyzer

If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, then it’s important to know things like your average hourly profit and which game suits you best. With a bunch of insightful features, Poker Analyzer does this all for you. This app is also great if you want to practise multi-tabling because you can play lots of tables simultaneously and can record all your performances through the built in performance tracker.