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Online Casino Tips

This site's major task is to teach you how to become a chip analyst.
We developed a five steps program which in the end of it you will know much more on the online casinos industry, tips and rules of the different games and eventually will become a chip analyst.

Online Casino Tips

Step I: Choose

In this stage you should how to choose an online casino. This is the starting point. One of the most important things in online casinos playing is to know where to play and more important where not to play.

Step II: Learn The Basics

Here you will learn the rules behind each game and you will get 5 tips for each of the most popular online casino games.

Step III: Get Deeper Knowledge

After learning the online casino games basics you will get more info on the different online casino games, where the emphasis will be on: Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Slots and Craps.

Step IV: The Bonuses

This is for some the best part in our program. Learn about the offers you can get from the online casinos. There are several options for online casinos bonuses, and in this article you will learn about them and more important - where to find them.

Step IV: Play for Real Money

In this stage you get all the knowledge needed in order to play in online casinos for real money.

Now you are a - Chip Analyst

It is more then recommended to work over this course once in a while. Pay attention that we add new content and new tips to the articles.