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New Online Slots Games

From the moment the Internet became available for all users around the world, it brought many new possibilities. One of those possibilities is playing games in online slot casinos. When the industry of online gambling started, no one could predict how popular will it actually be. For true slot casino game fans, this option is amazing. The benefits of playing the games are enormous, and some of them are:

Online Casinos with Bonus and Slots

1. You can play from your own home – this is a fantastic option, because you can play from your house, without going to the land-based casino.

2. You can play whenever you want – whenever you feel like playing, you have tons of games available.

3. It is safe and secure – since you are playing for the real money, you can rest sure that you are protected as a customer, because the most popular online casinos are working really hard to keep their clients protected.

4. The number of games is huge – there are so many different slot casino games to choose from.

5. Bonuses and free spins – each game is offering bonuses and free spins.

6. Bigger jackpots – if you are lucky enough to hit a jackpot, you can win a lot!

7. The offer keeps getting better each day – new online slot casino games are constantly coming out, which is the best part of the story. There is always something interesting and engaging.

Because of all listed reasons, the popularity of online slot games is increasing daily. People from around the globe are playing these games, and their experience is always on the highest possible level. There are many games out there, and you can be sure that you will find something for yourself. Of course, you will consider several games as your favorite, because it is really hard to pick only one. Here you can check some of the most popular online casino slots.

10 Newest Online Slot Games

1. Double Ya Luck

When it comes to the list of the newest slot games, Double Ya Luck presented by Realtime Gaming casinos must be mentioned. Once you check it out, you will like the fact it is kind of old school slot game, which everybody likes. It is pretty colorful, with various symbols such as: dices, diamonds, bells, dollar sign, cherries, etc. It is a three line and three slot game that offers many bonus spins as well. That is something players love to see!

New slots game Double Ya Luck

2. Duck 'n Eggs

Who doesn’t love ducks? Top Game presented a brand-new casino slot game, with 5 reels and 20 paylines. The game has various features, such as Zombie and Alien Duck, with great bonuses and free spins. It is without a doubt a very fun game to play, and all the ducks are in a blue pond. The game is enjoyable, with nice graphics and sound, and with many little ducks around, it will be easier for you to win.

Slots game Duck'n Eggs

3. Voodoo Magic

After the colorful little ducks, here is another new online slot game, a little darker, and perhaps a bit scarier. If you like the stories about magic, especially the voodoo magic, you will love this game! The game is presented by Realtime Gaming, and there are some creepy symbols such as: skulls, voodoo dolls, knives, candles, etc. Free spins are pretty often, and you can count of some great bonuses, of course – if you are lucky enough.

Play Voodoo Magic

4. Red Hot Devil

This truly hot game was released by the end of last year by Microgaming. This 25 payline game brings enjoyment and fun, and if you like the color red, fire, cherries, scorpions and roses, this is exactly the game you have been looking for. If you want to see how the things will work out for you, you can start with really small bets, $0.01 per line. If you see that you are on fire as it game itself, you can increase the bet amount. Bonuses and free spins are included as well.

Red Hot Devil new slot game

5. Orbital Mining

Do you like the extraterrestrial beings? If the answer is yes, this is the online slot game for you. It is one of the newest releases that Top Game developed and lunched several days before 2015 started. With different special effects, great sound and graphics, this 25 payline, and 5 reel game will fulfill your expectations, and you will have so much fun playing.

Slot Machine Orbital Mining

6. Tales of Egypt

Egypt is known as the land of mysteries, mummies, pyramids, and sand. Top Game decided to present one more game, to make the ancient Egypt closer to all those who admire it. You have the chance to explore the old Egypt, and to see what you can find hidden in the pyramids. The game features 20 paylines, five reels, and eleven symbols of royal Egypt. There are free spins, bonuses, and chances for you to make your winnings even greater.

New slot game Tales of Egypt

7. Attraction

You will definitely be attracted to one of the newest Net Entertainment online slot games. It is a non-progressive online slot with ten lines, three rows and five reels. You will step into a strange science lab in which you can discover many new things. Without a doubt, the game is interesting, attractive, and it will make you truly satisfied as a player, especially when you win, or when you get a re-spin. The main feature is the Magnet, so make sure to pay attention to it!

Play new slot game Attraction

8. Wild Wizards

Playing the World of Wizards gives you the chance to be a child again. This 5 reel and 25 pay line online slot game is presented by one and only Realtime Gaming that somehow, never fails to surprise the players in a positive way. With features such as: Sorcery feature, Polymorph feature, Wizard’s Tower feature and many others, you can count on fun and enjoyment.

Wild Wizards new slot machine

9. Sugar Rush Winter

One more game from Top game is on the list of the newest ones, but this is without a doubt first one on the list of sweetest ones! If you like winter, and if you like sweets, this online slot game is the right one for you. With 20 paylines and five reels, bonuses and various features, you will have so much fun. With this game, Holidays will never end!

New game Sugar Rush Winter

10. Leonardos Loot

Leonardos Loot is a new slot game developed by Rival. This game has fifty paylines, and five reels, and it has great graphics and sound as well. There are interesting symbols such as wine bottles, bars made of gold, and many others. There are special symbols that will bring you free spins once they are triggered. You will step into the world of the Italian Renaissance and you will enjoy, no doubt about it!

Play Leonardos Loot game

Guide for New Online Slot Games

As already mentioned, when it comes to online slot games, there is something for everyone. There are many great and reliable casinos out there, and once you visit them, you should check out the list of available games, and see what you would like to try. The way of playing is basically the same, and you need to set your bet amount, and you are ready to go. Since every game is special in its own way, you should try as many as you want. Remember, new games are constantly coming!

New type of online slot game is considered as the most interesting?

The overall popularity of online slot games is enormous. All of them are fun and interesting, and it would be very hard to choose only one type. This is something that will depend on your personal taste, because every single player is different. Since there are several different types, you have to check a few of them, and come to the conclusion what type is the most interesting for you.

Slots Games Companies:

1. Microgaming – this company is without the doubt one of the most popular and powerful ones when it comes to online slot games. They are working very hard to make players around the world happy, and they often publish something new and refreshing. Their latest releases are:  Game of Thrones (based on the book and the popular HBO show https://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones#/ ), So much sushi, and Red Hot Devil.

2. Playtech – when it comes to this company, the list of new releases is not as long as you may expected, but be sure to check out The Love Boat with 5 reels and 25 paylines.

3. Realtime Gaming – since they are one of the companies in this field that is working very hard, you can always expect new games from them. At the moment, there are Double Ya Luck, Voodoo Magic, The Naughty list, and Wild Wizards.

4. Cyrptologic – when it comes to Cryptologic, there were not too many online slot releases, but Marvel’s Wolverine is the game you should check out.

5. NetEnt – if you already play online slot games, then you know NetEnt always brings something new. The latest releases are: Attraction, The Wish Master, and the Aliens attack. All of them are fun!

What to expect in the future when it comes to online slot games?

When the industry of online gambling started to develop years ago, everything was pretty modest. Graphic and sound were not at the highest possible level, and the online slot games themselves were more modest than they are today. The situation has changed a lot. Everything about online slot games is improved. Modern technologies are getting better each day, and that affects the world of online casino slots. Sound and graphics are improved, ideas are always fresh, and the entire experience for players is on a very high level. The future will bring many interesting games that is for sure. Companies such as Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Net Entertainment, and many others are working non-stop to improve the quality of online slots, and to bring more satisfaction and enjoyment to their customers. Most of them are bringing a new option – playing favorite slot games on your mobile device, such as the iPhone or Android. One thing is certain, playing these games is a way for the players to try their luck, to have fun, and to win big. Online games are exciting, and innovative, which is why the future of online casino games is very bright.