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CS:GO Betting For Real Money

There aren’t too many people on this planet who have not enjoyed the thrill of playing video games. Most of us have played video games with groups of friends which means we’ve had to take turns and it’s not always fun to sit on the sidelines as your friends have all the fun. That’s why it is hard to believe that watching others play video games, or eSports, has become such a trendy pastime for millions of people all over the world. Perhaps even more baffling is the rapid expansion of the number of people who wager on eSports. Esports are now a standard offering at most online betting sites as well as land-based betting establishments. Even several government operated sports lotteries have added some eSports events to their betting menus.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one game that has become prominent on the eSports scene. Millions of CS:GO enthusiasts tune into streaming services like MLG.tv, Twitch and YouTube to watch their favorite teams compete while the CS:GO Pro League has an exclusive deal to stream on Facebook.  Even television networks are jumping on the bandwagon. CS:GO is the third-most watched eSport today.

Counter Strike Global Offensive gambling for real money

What Is Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

Developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation, Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released in August 2013 to positive reviews. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game in which two teams, the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, complete various tasks and try to eliminate each other. Most commonly, the Terrorists plant bombs and guard hostages while the Counter-Terrorists attempt to free the hostages and prevent the bombs from detonating. CS:GO has several different game modes that can be played online or offline with each having different objectives.

Competitive: In this mode, two teams consisting of five players engage in battle for up to 30-rounds. Due to the competitive nature of this mode, players must have a certain level of experience in order to play in this mode and they face temporary banishment if they abandon an ongoing game. The first team to win 16 rounds is the winner. The match is a draw if each team has 15 points after 30 rounds. Each round usually lasts one minutes and fifty-five seconds with full matches lasting anywhere from about forty minutes up to over an hour depending on the level of competition.

Counter Strike Global Offensive gambling for real money training

Casual: This mode is a lot like competitive mode but there are a few key differences. For starters, teams normally consist of ten players per side and the first team to win eight rounds is declared the winner. Rounds are shorter, some in-game purchases are limited, and friendly fire is turned off.

Defuse Mode: Terrorists attempt to plant and detonate a bomb while trying to kill the counter-terrorists. The counter-terrorists’ task is to defuse the bomb or kill all the terrorists before they can plant it.

Hostage Rescue: Players compete against each other in rescue missions. Time is added to the round as each hostage is rescued. Counter-terrorists win if they can rescue all the hostages or kill the terrorists while terrorist victory is achieved by slaying all the counter-terrorists.

Wingman: Wingman mode is a scaled down version of Competitive mode with the playing area being smaller and containing just a single bomb site. Each team is made up of two players and there are sixteen rounds that last about 90 seconds.

Deathmatch: Deathmatch mode is a favorite among players who want to get a taste of the fast-paced action without having to invest a lot of time. Players choose their sides, select any weapon they want, and then start piling up the points by killing opponents. The ability to choose any weapon enables players to get familiar with the different weapons that are available in the game. If your character is killed, it will respawn in a random location. The first team to record the required number of kills wins the game.

Arms Race: This mode is quite similar to Deathmatch mode but a player’s weapon automatically changes as they rack up kills. The last weapon is a knife and the player who makes the first kill using one wins the game.

Demolition: The terrorists are tasked with guarding hostages, killing their enemies and successfully detonating a bomb that is placed at one of two bomb sites. Counter-terrorists try to kill the terrorists and prevent the bomb from exploding. Players gain access to different weapons by recording kills and the first team to win 11 rounds wins the match. An interesting part of this mode is that teams switch sides after 10 rounds.

Flying Scoutsman: This mode adds a few twists to the game play. Based on the Scouts and Knives mode from earlier versions of the game, each player is limited to using an SSG 08 and a knife. Flying Scoutsman mode is played on one of four maps which each feature a low-gravity playing field that allows players to get some serious air time. Inexperienced players like this mode because of the increased weapon accuracy.

Danger Zone: Danger Zone became the most recent addition when it was added in December 2018. Up to 18 players can participate in this battle royale in which the object is to be the last man standing. Players start each round with enhanced health but they are armed with only their fists and a tablet which allows them to purchase supplies. Crates containing weapons and money can be found in random spots and the map reveals the general locations of opponents. Rounds typically last between ten and fifteen minutes.

Counter Strike Global Offensive gambling for real money live action

CS:GO Betting For Real Money

CS:GO is immensely popular on a global scale so it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that most respectable sportsbooks like Ladbrokes and William Hill offer plenty of betting action on it. Betting on CS:GO is much like betting on any other team sport. Punters who wager on the moneyline are simply betting on one of the teams to win the match. Some bettors don’t like betting the moneyline on a heavy favorite because of the low payout. In this case, handicap betting is a great alternative. Handicap betting means that the favorite must win the match by a certain number of rounds. For instance, if Team A is listed at -2.5, they must win the match by at least three rounds for the bet to pay off.

There are a few ways to bet on totals too. Punters can bet the over or under on the total number of rounds played in a match as well as other set totals like kills and combined scores. Map betting, drawing first blood, and the team to record the first knife kill are just a few of the many other CS:GO betting options. CS:GO betting enthusiasts who use a mobile betting app can place their wagers from almost anywhere at any time.

Watching Counter Strike Global Offensive Live on Mobile device

CS:GO Leagues and Tournaments

Like so many other eSports, CS:GO has several professional leagues but the ESL Pro League is considered the cream of the crop. Formerly known as the EPL, the ESL Pro League will enter its ninth season in April 2019. The ESL Pro League is actually four leagues: Europe and the Americas each have 16 teams while Asia and Oceania both have eight teams. The ESL Pro League Season 9 – Europe and the ESL Pro League Season 9 – Americas tournaments will generate a lot of viewers and tons of betting action when they commence on April 12, 2019.

One thing that CS:GO bettors love is the number of major tournaments that run throughout the year which makes it possible to always find CS:GO betting opportunities. In 2018, the ELEAGUE Major: Boston, ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, and the FACEIT Major: London each boasted over $1 million in cash prizes while the World Electronic Sports Games tournament in Haikou topped them all with over $1.5 million in cash. The Intel Extreme Masters XIII, StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7, and the much-anticipated StarLadder Berlin Major are just a few of the major CS:GO tournaments in store for 2019. It’s never too late to start wagering on CS:GO.

CS:GO gameplayer

Notable CS:GO Teams

There have been some very good CS:GO teams over the past several years. Team SoloMid, FlipSid3 Tactics, and Echo Fox are a few noteworthy teams from the past. Fnatic has been one of the most consistent teams in the world winning at least one major tournament every year since 2012 while Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, and Ninjas in Pyjamas have also enjoyed a lot of tournament success. In 2018, Mousesports won three majors and were runners-up in the ESL One: Belo Horizonte tournament. However, the 2018 CS:GO tournament scene was dominated by Astralis who won a whopping nine tournaments and was the runner-up twice. Team Liquid won just one tournament but they finished in second place six times.

As of March 2019, Astralis is ranked on top ahead of Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, MIBR, and FaZe Clan. ENCE eSports, Mousesports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG eSports, and Renegades round off the top ten. Of course, it also helps to know which teams are struggling in 2019. Among the slow starters are AGO eSports, NoChance, Team Spirit, and Devils.one. Be wary of picking those teams especially if they are going up against one of the current powerhouses.

Creating A Betting Strategy

Punters have a much better chance of winning if they develop an effective betting strategy. A good strategy starts well before you study matchups and look at your betting options. Finding a trusted CS:GO betting site that offers competitive odds, plenty of betting options, and valuable bonuses will significantly increase your chances of coming out ahead. Experienced bettors take advantage of any edge they can get.

There are quite a few excellent betting sites out there and most of them offer a lot of perks. It might take a bit of time to compare those sites and find the one that best suits your needs but it is time well spent. Doing a quick Google search can yield all sorts of helpful information. Don’t forget to refer to Chip Analyst where you will find a plethora of information and informative reviews that will steer you in the right direction.

You can start thinking about the best approach to betting on CS:GO once you have found the right CS:GO betting site. A successful team needs more than a bunch of highly skilled individuals. Team play and communication are of utmost importance in this game. You should find out if a team is inserting a new player into their lineup as this can affect the team’s dynamics. You definitely want to know if an impact player will miss a match for similar reasons. Speaking of impact players, NiKO, Xyp9x, Magisk, FalleN, and GuardiaN are some of the best players in the world right now.

An area that is often overlooked is how well teams perform on different maps. A certain map might be a weakness of the better overall team or a strength of the weaker team. This would be a priceless piece of information if you were map betting. The importance of knowing such details cannot be understated. Consider how well a team is performing and how they have fared in the past against their upcoming opponent. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with CS:GO by watching some matches before you start betting.

The old adage about knowledge being power is spot on when betting on CS:GO. Just as there are resources such as internet communities for fans of online blackjack , those who want to enhance their knowledge of CS:GO have a wide range of online destinations at their fingertips.

Perhaps the most important part of any betting strategy is proper money management. It doesn’t matter if you claimed a nice deposit bonus or if you are playing with the house’s money because you took advantage of a no-deposit bonus, you want to bet responsibly and succeed over the long haul. Many punters limit their bets to between 2% and 5% of their bankroll. This enables them to easily endure the cold streaks that a lot of bettors occasionally suffer through. Protecting your bankroll ensures you can place another bet.


It looked like some kind of passing trend a few years ago but betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is showing no signs of slowing down. With innovations like mobile betting apps and Bitcoin payments, it’s never been easier to wager on this wildly popular eSport. Opening and funding a CS:GO betting account is easy and it only takes a couple of minutes. The cash bonuses that the best online betting sites offer will get you off to a quick start while regular promotions and other perks like loyalty rewards programs, live streaming and in-play wagering are sure to make your CS:GO betting experience that much more enjoyable.