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eSport Betting for Real Money

eSports is one of the most exciting and increasing in popularity trend in online casinos, this new form of sports has grown incredibly in the last five years, with more fans, bigger events and new games creating their championships, of course casinos have already this on the loop.

According to the industry experts in 2016 the audience of eSports events was 323 million of fans, presenting a growth of 40% from the number in 2015 and for 2020 they estimate this industry will have an audience of 589 million of people. Right now the biggest fans of eSports are located in Asia Pacific, however the growth in notoriety of North America is very important and even though their audience is almost 4 times smaller than in Asia, the most reputable championships have their finals in the United States; a tendency that will create an impact in the number of spectators in this country.

eSports Audience

What's The Difference Between eSports Betting And Regular Sports Betting?

First of all let’s define eSports: these are competitions of videogames in which the players compete in equal situations to determine who has more skills and abilities.

The main difference is obvious; the athletes base big part of their performance in their physical potential and professional gamers focus on mental skills. A big similarity is the fact that events of these two types of sports sold out the same stadiums like the Staples Center.

Another big difference come in the variety of eSports in comparison to traditional sports, due to the increasing popularity of eSports everyday new videogames establish their championships and competitions and each one has different rules which makes it a vast universe of dynamics and players to follow.

Finally a big difference remains in the appearance of new players and teams every day in eSports. In traditional sports, let’s take for example the NFL you know which team is better in offensive and on defense you can analyze the stats from one season to another and follow the drafts to have a better image on what to expect on every team, on the other side in eSports it is harder to follow the past performance of teams or players as they are in constant change, your knowledge in the game is more important as well as the analysis of the performance in every match.

eSports Betting For Real Money: What To Look For In Your Provider

There’s a wide offer of online platforms to place bets on eSports, as these sports gain popularity and audience, online casinos are investing more efforts in presenting these options and make them more attractive to users. As the market keeps expanding it is important that you make a quick search before selecting your betting provider to make sure you select the best one for you.

There are several factors that you may want to look at before selecting the best online platform to bet on eSports. The first recommendation is to check out which is their offer of eSports events and games, there are still some casinos with a very low variety of games and if you’re not fan of the most popular eSport events you won’t have your betting experience fulfilled, so take a good look at the games they cover before subscribing. Another big added value of betting providers is the amount of information they offer, as explained before, betting on eSports require an outstanding knowledge on the game and on the performance through every tournament so the more information the online casino provides, the easier will be for you to place accurate bets.

It is important that you as a user take advantage of the casino efforts on becoming more attractive, besides the promotions and bonus that you will find across the internet there is also a great feature that  some platforms provide for betting on sports; live betting and match coverage, some of the best betting platforms offer their users the opportunity of watch the events through their betting account and place bets live while the match occurs, this is a great advantage that you may want to look for in your betting provider.

Popular Types of eSports Games

Most of the games considered eSports are divided in the following types; we will now review their basic characteristics:

Fighting: In this genre of eSport two players control two avatars and compete to each other in a fighting simulation where almost always the winner is who achieves to create enough damage to his opponent to make him lose all his health points. The most famous games under this dynamic are: Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter, Tekken, Killer Instinct, among others.

First Person Shooters: FPS or First Person Shooters dynamic is to interact in a firefight through a map, there are several variations possible; some games are played by teams and in some others there are objectives delimited which increases the skills needed by players. Some of the favorite tournaments of this type of eSports are: Counter Strike, Battlefield, Halo, Call of Duty and Overwatch.

Real Time Strategy: In RTS games the strategy is the key to victory, the dynamic of this type of games is the following; several players access to the same map, they have to use the limited resources available and through constructions create an army strong enough to defeat the army of the rest of the players in the map. The most famous games of real time strategy are by far are Starcraft and Warcraft.

Sports Games: Well this is kind of obvious, this type of eSports is based on the dynamics of traditional sports that goes from football to racing tournaments. The most popular games of this kind are: FIFA, Madden, Trackmania, iRacing, NBA 2K, etc.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena: MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena is the most famous type of eSports that has been increasing in audience and players in the last years. The dynamic is similar to real time strategy the difference between these game types is that in MOBA games players control one character and in coordination with their team of other players they try to conquer the map, in addition to players the games have non-user units to support each team. Between the most popular MOBA eSports it can be listed: League of legends, Dota2, Heroes of the storm and Smite.

Others: Everyday new games arise and new eSports appear which makes difficult to classify them all, there are a few well known games that can’t be categorized in the game types mentioned above, some of them are: Hearthstone, Endgods, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, etc.

Betting on eSports

Finding A Betting Strategy Suitable For eSports Betting For Real Money

Trying to be an expert in eSports betting is the same as trying to be an expert in traditional sports. It’s impossible to know everything about all eSports and win in all the tournaments, it is essential to gather as much information possible on the game dynamics, teams, players and betting options to make the right decisions and place winner bets with real money in these sports.

A great strategy for betting always comes from tracking your performance in order to detect your strong and weak points while placing bets. You’ll be able to see in which tournaments and games you earn more money and also you’ll see which betting options of combination of those work the best for you and are giving you more earnings.

Before placing any bet make sure you know your game in every way, to start with small contests is a great idea to prove your knowledge and strategies involving game dynamics. Also, it is a great idea to start making some bets with virtual currencies to polish your betting skills before placing bets for real money.

Getting Familiar With The Wider eSports Landscape

Even when every year new competitions and tournaments appear in the world of eSports, the favorite games are hard to outpoint, these are the ones that currently stay at the top for eSports fans:

League of Legends: This MOBA game developed by Riot Games, is one of the most famous of eSports. There have been tournaments of this game almost since its creation in 2009, however the biggest event on this videogame is the World Championship that had its first season in 2011. In the World Championship of 2016 the finals had place in United States and the prizes were really attractive, the first place took 2.7 million dollars home. It’s important to mention that in this game there are teams that remain favorites through the years appearing in the first places, a great opportunity to place bets on them, among these teams you’ll find Fnatic and SK Telekom T1.

Starcraft: This real time strategy game was launched in 1998 by Blizzard, and is one of the favorites of eSport fans and gamers all over the world, we have all played it at least once… The first World Championship of Starcraft was in 2012 and since then it has grown in both audience and prizes, in the championship of 2016 the prize pool was of 2 million dollars. One clear trend of this game is the positioning of Korean players on the first places on tournaments, however every season players from all the world appear to compete and try to dethrone Koreans.

Dota2: The first version of Dota was released on 2003 and it was present in several eSport tournaments, however they revolutionized the world of videogame competitions with their World Championship “The International” launched in 2011. Since 2015 The International has been breaking records on pool prizes of eSports, in 2016 the first place went home with 9 million dollars.

Electronic Sports League: ESL is an eSport event organizer; probably the biggest organizer of the world, launched on 2000 it manages and is partner of the biggest competitions like the Intel Extreme Masters competition that involves tournaments on Starcraft, League of Legends and Counter Strike. ESL works as a network and they have a magazine where they publish the most relevant information regarding eSports, a great source of information to get involved in this dynamic industry.

Mobile betting on eSports

Keeping Things Legal While Enjoying eSports Betting

It’s important that you keep your eSport gambling experience fun and under the law. The industry of online betting is in constant actualization in regulation and every country manages it differently, so before opening an account for betting online in eSports, make sure you are aware of the restrictions of your place of residence.

The legislation of online betting in the United States is complex and strict, as many of you know sport betting is illegal in the US, therefore eSport betting is not allowed either in most of the states. However due to the continue pressure of the industry; things have been changing recently. In the states of Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey and the U.S. Virgin Islands it is allowed to bet on these sports and a big change were made in 2016 where the first American Casino through the Bookmaker William Hill offered for first time bets on eSports.

Every country manages their regulation differently and obviously some are more open to eSports gambling than others, the countries more open to this kind of betting are The United kindom, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, Macau and Japan.

There are good news if you live in a country where eSport betting is not legal as there are several operators that are now starting to offer the option of placing bets with virtual currencies that can’t be converted to real money but allows you to feel the adrenaline of eSport betting while regulations modify on your favor.

Top-Ranking eSports Teams To Bet On With Real Money

In addition to knowing about game dynamics, tournament features and betting options; the knowledge about the most prestigious teams will be of great help to place the right bets on eSports and improve your earnings, below a description of some of the top ranked teams and the games they specialize in:

Evil Geniuses: Team EG was founded in 1999, through the years they have achieved to position themselves within the first places in several tournaments around the world. This team has players competing in Halo, Dota2, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros and recently Call of Duty. Their specialty is Dota2 they have recently won first places in the Dota Pit and China Top tournaments of this game. Also, one of their players won second place in the Street Fighter V Singles.

Wings Gaming: This is a specialized team, a group of five Chinese players that compete only in Dota2 and well they are, right now, the best as they are the winners of The International 2016. So if you are thinking in betting in your favorite team for winner of a Dota2 competition, make sure these guys are not the opponents.

Newbee: This Chinese team competes in three games: Dota2, Hearthstone and League of Legends. This team is the winner of The International 2014 for a prize of 5 million dollars.

Fnatic: One of the biggest and clearly most famous teams of eSports, this team has players in League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota2, Counter Strike and Heroes of the Storm. These teams compete in around 75 tournaments every year so you will find them often while placing your bets.

Before betting on a team for their reputation on previous tournaments, remember to verify if there has been a recent modification on their roster and to follow their performance as there are several player movements among teams and bear in mind that new players appear every day.