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Best Apps For Football (Soccer) In-Play Betting

For fans of the beautiful game, there’s simply never been a better time. With players such as Messi and Ronaldo in their prime and nearly every significant soccer match televised around the world, we’re living in a golden age of easily available, on-demand action from every major league on earth.

Best Apps For Football In-Play Betting of December 2021

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Whether you're a fan of online casinos or classic sportsbook action, it’s good news for gamblers too. Soccer has always been a major betting market and the explosion of money and interest in the global game has made it even more of an attractive proposition for eager punters. The last number of years have also seen the arrival of in-play betting options for football which have dramatically increased the range of betting opportunities available in the average match, and introduced a level of minute-by-minute excitement that was previously unthinkable.

One of the main trends making all of this possible is of course the mobile revolution and rise of the global app market. In this piece, we’ll go deep on the subject of in-play soccer better and provide you with a complete guide to the best apps for football in-play betting on the market.

Before we dive into detail, let’s start with some basic info to set the stage.

Apps For Soccer In-Play Betting

How In-Play Betting Works

You’ll hear this type of betting referred to by a number of names such as in-play, live, or in-running, but the basic concept is identical. In-play betting simply refers to action that’s available after an event has started all the way up to when it finishes.

You’ll find it available in most major sports such as tennis, cricket, and NFL but it’s proved particularly popular with soccer. It’s also proved a massive hit with punters with, for example, some estimates claiming it’s captured up to 75% of the action in Europe and is particularly popular in the UK.

In contrast to traditional fixed betting where the odds are set in stone once the event kicks off, in-play betting gives you a constantly shifting set of odds in relation to what’s actually happening on the screen in front of you. If you’re able to anticipate the way a particular passage of play is leading, it always gives you significant opportunities to back your own judgement in real time.

The explosion of in-play betting has largely been made possible by the rise of online betting exchanges such as Betfair since the turn of the millennium. Despite initial opposition to the concept from many established bookmakers, most are now on board and recent years have seen major mergers taking place between the old guard and newer entrants such as the Paddy Power/Betfair union.

In-play betting hasn’t had an easy ride everywhere though. The USA is still largely closed off as a market and Australia has also long resisted making it fully legal, though that position is looking increasingly likely to change.

With that background on the basic idea of in-play betting out of the way, let’s turn our attention to the main advantages it offers.

The Advantages Of In-Play Betting Compared To Traditional Betting

Though traditional betting remains a very attractive option for many, in-play betting does offer a number of unique advantages to players. The first is simply that it opens up many more markets than traditional betting allows. With in-play betting, virtually every element of the game is an ongoing betting opportunity and even the drabbest of sporting contests will have plenty of action on offer.

The second main plus point is that events retain their capacity for excitement the whole way through. A few early goals in a traditional setting could mean the end of your involvement for the next ninety minutes, but that’s very much not the case with in-play betting where you’re free to wager right up to the very last minute.

In-play markets also tend to favour those with a truly deep understanding of the teams in action. If you’re deeply familiar with a particular team’s main stars and patterns of play, you’re in a great position to call upcoming in-game events and profit from the outcomes.

In-play markets also give you a near unbeatable way of offsetting potential losses in real time. By carefully managing your overall suite of bets, you can effectively lay off losers and minimise your exposure over the course of the average ninety minutes.

With those benefits in mind, let’s move on to what you’ll need to be able to play the most popular in-play betting soccer apps.
Online betting on soccer

What You’ll Need To Make The Most Of In-Play Betting Soccer Apps

Getting the most out of the popular soccer betting apps basically boils down to always making sure you’re running the latest hardware and software on your mobile devices.

The market has pretty much settled around Apple and Android as the major suppliers by this stage so you’ll want to start with a device that’s within a maximum of two generations of the latest release. On the Android side of the equation, Samsung have established themselves as one of the leading hardware suppliers and most of the models in their Galaxy range make excellent choices for mobile betting. On the Apple side of the fence, it’s simply a question of choosing a model that’s been released within the last 18 months or so.

Once you’ve purchased your hardware, you’ll naturally want to make sure it’s running the latest version of the relevant operating system to take full advantage of the power you have in your hands. Apple pride themselves on their software update rates so you can expect to be regularly reminded to stay current if you’re using an iPhone. You might have to put a little more manual effort in if running Android, but make sure to keep up to date with all the latest OS releases.

You’ll also want to secure a reliable broadband package with a generous data allowance. The latest generation of in-play soccer betting apps offer a truly immersive experience but you’ll need to be downloading a lot of ones and zeros to get the most out of it.

Ok, with those requirements out of the way, let’s briefly review some of the types of popular bets available in most in-play soccer betting apps.

In-play soccer betting

Popular Bets On In-Play Betting Soccer Apps

As we noted above, one of the main plus points of in-play betting when it comes to soccer is the range of markets it opens up. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the main ones you’ll come across:

  • Next scorer: Convinced that Ibrahimovich is about to go on a goal-scoring rampage? Fancy the odds of Ronaldo breaking a particular stalemate? Then the next scorer market is the one for you!
  • Next team to score: As you follow the ebb and flow of a game, the next team to score option lets you take a position from beginning to end of the action.
  • Red and yellow cards: If you find yourself watching a particularly tetchy encounter between local rivals, markets on red and yellow cards let you add a heightened sense of interest to the competition.
  • Handicaps: Handicaps are a fascinating way of adding extra interest to seemingly lopsided encounters between teams and you’ll find a range of real-time options available at all major providers.
  • Correct score: In-play betting provides an extra layer of excitement to what is already a very popular traditional bet.
  • Corners: Not traditionally the most exciting part of the game, the constantly updated nature of in-play action means that every dead ball situation is potentially a lucrative one.

Now that you’ve got a decent overview of what’s involved with in-play soccer betting, let’s move on to looking at some of the best apps for getting involved in it, from major players to innovative new startups.

William Hill

As one of the biggest names in bookmaking, it’s not surprising that William Hill offer a top of the range in-play football betting experience for eager punters. Their mobile app is available for both iOs and Android and gives you access to their entire suite of in-play action.

You’ll be able to follow soccer games across the globe with constantly updated live scores and also try your luck on in-play offerings in tennis and other popular sports. Sign up for the mobile William Hill app experience and you also stand to gain from exclusive mobile offers available only via this channel.

Paddy Power

Following their recent merger with Betfair, Ireland’s Paddy Power are now a truly global gambling giant. They were historically one of the first major operators to truly embrace the mobile revolution and that commitment is evident in the quality of their mobile betting apps.

Following their recent merger with Betfair, Ireland’s Paddy Power are now a truly global gambling giant. They were historically one of the first major operators to truly embrace the mobile revolution and that commitment is evident in the quality of their mobile betting apps.

Sign up with iOS or Android and you’ll be treated to constant real-time updates on all major events and a range of in-play markets for both soccer and other sports that you’ll struggle to beat anywhere else. As a Paddy Power customer, you’ll also benefit from a stream of regular bonuses and special promotions in all major markets.


Bet365 is a giant of the online gambling world with over 20 million customers across nearly two hundred companies. With that sort of global customer base, you’d expect their commitment to the app economy to be top notch and you won’t be disappointed.

Bet365’s mobile apps give you access to real-time action on all major sports and soccer is particularly well covered. You’ll find everything from the lower leagues in Argentina to the premier league in Azerbaijan on offer so you’re covered no matter how obscure your footballing tastes are!

Bet365 apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows Phones and you can also use them to access exclusive live streams of main events.


Going strong since all the way back in 1886, Ladbrokes have not been slow to jump on the technology bandwagon in order to keep their customers satisfied. You’ll find a range of apps from the UK giant available in the App Store, including sportsbook and exchange offerings that enable you to try your hand at in-play betting.

Ladbrokes enjoys a particularly good reputation for the simplicity and attractiveness of their various bonus offerings, but their mobile apps have attracted some criticism about ease of use over the years. Nevertheless, they’re still an option very much worth checking out for in-play soccer betting.


Betmaid is a recently launched, dedicated in-play betting app that promises to turn the tables very much in favour of punters across football games worldwide. The app is designed to enable you to find matches that fit your betting criteria much more quickly than was previously possible via an ingenious system of real-time betting alerts.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics of in-play betting and looking to add a little more technique and sophistication to your overall approach, this is a great little app to have in your corner!

Fabula Football

Fabula Football is another intriguing niche option that soccer lovers may well appreciate. Although it’s currently available only for Android, the basic idea is a compelling one – bringing a level of social betting and interaction in on top of the excitement on in-play betting.

Public and private chat options and rock-solid real-time updates and stats combine to create a betting environment that really takes off once you add a tight group of friends into the mix. It seems a safe bet that many of the major providers we’ve previously covered will be looking at adding this social layer to their offerings sooner rather than later.

Forza Football

Our final app is one for the information junkies. Forza Football is a favourite on iOS in particular and puts a world of live scores, polls, and push notifications in front of the eager in-play aficionado.

You’ll find comprehensive coverage of more than 560 football leagues worldwide and an impressive array of options for setting up alerts and notifications. The nicely integrated opinion polls also introduce an appealing element of social interaction to proceedings.

Soccer is one of the favorite sports for betting

Funding Your In-Play Betting Account

In-play betting doesn’t just ratchet up excitement levels on the average Premiership bout, it’s also impressively easy to fund on the account level. If you’ve already set up a deposit and withdrawal source on your account, it will almost certainly be ready for use on in-play betting markets. The usual funding methods are supported by all the major providers listed above:

  • Fund your gambling account with VisaCredit cards: You can expect to be able to use the standard mix of Visa, Mastercard and Amex with any type of in-play soccer bets.
  • Fund your gambling account with PaypalPayPal: The popular online wallet PayPal is accepted by all the major providers mentioned above, and many also support Skrill.
  • Fund your gambling account with wire transferWire transfer: Direct deposit and withdrawal continues to be supported by all major online bookmakers and casino operators.

You’ll find detailed breakdowns of the pros and cons of these various account funding options throughout our site, along with tutorials covering other account aspects such as bonuses and promotions. Remember, the more informed you are as a player, the better your chances of regularly banking winnings so take advantage of the insight on offer throughout our site.

The range of in-play markets available these days is truly impressive and soccer has long led the way in driving innovation across mobile betting apps. The apps on offer from each of the major providers above are truly compelling gambling environments and each should provide more than enough alternatives to keep you glued to results as they come in. Innovative newcomers such as Betmaid and Fabula Football also help you refine your strategy and shift the odds slightly in your favour.

While in-play gambling offers new levels of excitement to players, it’s worth mentioning that it can be a little overwhelming sometimes for those who are new to it. As strong proponents of responsible gambling, we urge you to explore the various in-play options you’ll come across with a sensible degree of caution and to make sure you are operating strictly within your budget.

We also urge you to consult the full range of online gambling articles here on the site to help you with understanding important background details such as the best ways of funding your account and the range of options available to players who sign up for online casinos.

With the next round of major games just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to get on board the in-play betting soccer revolution. Sign up to one of our recommended soccer betting apps today, and you could be watching your winnings roll in in real time within minutes!