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Mobile Casinos For Real Money

Just a few years ago, the idea of having an always-on device you could carry around in your pocket and use to play in mobile casinos for real money would have seemed like something out of a science fiction series.

Fast forward to the modern day and we're increasingly living in a mobile world. Connection speeds have skyrocketed, network coverage is increasingly approaching 100%, and devices are getting smaller, more powerful and more intimately innovative. People are spending a far higher proportion of their time accessing the internet on the move.

Online gambling has always been at the leading edge of mobile development so it's no surprise to see that the option of playing in mobile casinos for real money was one of the first to be developed. The days of being chained to a desk to play a few hands of poker or spin the roulette wheel are well and truly over.

Mobile Casinos for Real Money

There's been a huge rise in both the number and sophistication of mobile casinos over the last decade and gamblers across the world are now able to play in them across a complete range of devices no matter where they happen to be located with leading developers across the world battling to make the mobile casino experience ever more enjoyable.

In this article, we'll cover all you need to know to get started playing in mobile casinos for real money: what to look for in your provider, how to get started with wagering virtual amounts before you put real money on the line, the type of funding options and bonuses available and much more. Let's get going!

Mobile Casinos For Real Money: Practice Makes Perfect

If you're new to playing in casinos for real money, there are a few quick things we should point out. Firstly, each game has its own peculiarities so make sure you're familiar with the basics of gameplay before diving fully in. Practice is your friend when you're a beginner. Don't be afraid to take advice from experts as well, either online or in the form of classic books on particular games.

Secondly, many of the mobile casinos will provide a "free" or "fun" option on each game where you can get some of that practice in for free and get a better feel for the game before putting real money on the line.

The way this is implemented will vary from casino to casino but keep an eye out for the free options available and you'll be a little bit sharper when it comes to the real deal.

Mobile Casinos For Real Money: What To Look For In Your Provider

As a new sign-up looking to find the right mobile casino provider, you're in a great position to stay in charge as you pick and choose from the options available.

The industry is extremely competitive and online casinos are in a constant race amongst themselves to attract new players by offering enticing sign-up deals and special promotions. We'll cover some of the things to look out for there in a few minutes but let's start with a look at more general plus points you should be looking for in your casino provider.

As a responsible gambler, it's up to you to do a little research before you think about handing over your hard-earned money. Start by checking the company's About page or listing on Wikipedia. You're looking for a company with a strong track record that's been in business for a few years. Ideally, it will also be part of an established offline bookmakers or gaming group so you can be sure there is a real bricks-and-mortar business behind the operation. This last requirement is far from obligatory but it's usually a positive sign.

Next, have a snoop around online in gambling forums and discussion sites and be on the lookout for any negative reports about the mobile casino in question.

You'll also want to see a full range of customer support options available on their site along with very clearly explained terms and conditions. Nobody wants to sign up to a "too good to be true" sounding deal only to get stung by the small print further down the line.

Finally, the website itself should be professional looking and the software provided for mobile gambling should be glitch-free.

Some classic warning signs of a mobile casino you want to avoid are the following:

  • A brand new setup with no visible track record.
  • An overly restrictive set of deposit/withdrawal options.
  • Excessive and difficult to understand account fees.
  • Limited customer support.
  • Operating in a questionable legal jursidiction.
  • Consistently negative feedback about their offering online.

Any or all of these should be enough to set alarm bells ringing in your head, particularly when you're playing for real money.

Account setup with mobile casinos is generally straightforward. They've had the best part of a decade to fine-tune their on-boarding process for new accounts and, these days, getting up and running on any mobile device is fast and hassle free.

You will be required to verify your identity in many jurisdictions. And, obviously, you'll also need to be operating within the local online gambling laws of your jurisdiction and match the minimum age requirements.

Now let's briefly turn our attention to the more technical side of things.

Mobile Casinos: The Technical Requirements

There are two basic options when it comes to using mobile casinos for real money: in-browser gaming or using a dedicated app.

Mobile browsers have come a long way in recent years but the majority of in-browser casino software is still delivered using Flash which is unavailable on iOS devices.

If a browser version of the software is available and works on your device, by all means use it. Generally though, particularly on smaller devices, we recommend going for the dedicated app version. You'll benefit from a smoother mobile gaming experience as a result.

Most online casinos will support the full range of standard iOS and Android devices with app downloads available via the Apple App store and Google Play store respectively. The exact technical requirements for playing should be clearly listed on each casino website.

online casinos are available for diverse devices

Payment/funding Options For Your Mobile Casino Account

Casino operators have put a considerable amount of time and money into making deposits and withdrawals as simple as possible for players over the last few years. These days the typical mobile casino will offer at least one or more of the following funding/withdrawal options for your account.

  • Mastercard/Visa: Mastercard and Visa have long been a favourite funding method for players. Both companies come with global reach, a solid track record and unbeatable reputations for security and ease of use. You can also pick up a few bonus points on your reward programme while you're at it.
  • Paypal: Paypal is increasingly popular for gamblers due to its hassle free nature, instant deposits and withdrawals and reasonable fee structure.
  • Skrill: A relative new-comer to the online payments game, Skrill has quickly established itself as a viable option for players, particularly in Europe.
  • Bitcoin: It's had its fair share of controversies during the brief few years of its existence, but Bitcoin is an intriguing funding option for the more technically savvy player with a tolerance for exchange rate fluctuation risk.

Sign-up Bonuses To Look For On Your Mobile Casino Account

As we mentioned earlier, mobile gambling is a fiercely competitive landscape. In a bid to make players choose their offering, mobile casinos typically run a large range of special offers and promotions. These can be broken into three basic categories:

  • No Deposit sign up bonus: These are relatively small, free, sign-up bonuses on offer from casinos simply for opening a new account. In effect, they are a chance to try out the casino's offering on their dime rather than yours and are usually accompanied by relatively stringent cashout requirement.
  • Deposit Sign-up bonus: These typically take the form of the casino matching either all or a percentage of your initial deposit. They're a great chance for players to boost their initial cashpile when playing for real money.
  • Ongoing promotions: Once you're in the doors, you'll usually receive a steady stream of ongoing bonus offers and special promotions from the casinos as they seek to keep you an active and engaged customer.

Types Of Real Cash Mobile Casino Games On Offer

So far, we've talked a lot about account setup and how to get started playing online casinos for real money. It would be remiss of us not to briefly run through the actual games on offer before we finish up.

casino games available at mobile casinos

As you search online, you'll likely come across a mix of specialist sites who concentrate solely on one game (for example, poker) and more general providers who offer a full range of casino table games along with, perhaps, a separate sportsbook service. Which type you go for will come down to your particular preference. The most common games available are:

  • Online Poker: The classic game. It's a rare online casino that doesn't offer a comprehensive set of table and tournament options.
  • Online Roulette: Recent advances in mobile 3D from operators such as Betsoft have lifted the mobile online roulette experience to a new level.
  • Online Blackjack: Another one for the purists, blackjack is perfectly suited to the smaller screens of mobile devices.
  • Online Slots: If you're looking for a fun flutter on the move then it's hard to beat a quick spin of a classic five-reeler.

That brings us to the end of our brief overview of playing in mobile casinos for real money. It's an exciting space and there's plenty of opportunity for all, no matter what your game of choice happens to me. We hope this guide has been helpful and wish you all the best with your online gaming. Good luck out there!