Online Casino Deposit Methods

Do you enjoy playing poker, roulette or a myriad of other games offered at a casino?  Have you considered joining an online casino but are unsure of how to get money into an account?  Depositing money into an online casino account is becoming easier and easier.  Security, flexibility, speed and ease of use are all essential factors when dealing with money.  So, look no further, regardless of where in the world you live, there is a variety of options available.   I will go through the multitude of options, complete with any pros or cons.

Ways to fund an online Casino

Credit and Debit Cards

Visa and Debit Cards

For speed, security and flexibility, paying with your credit or debit card would be one of my top recommendations.  Generally they are the fastest means to fund your casino account.  Since 2015, U.S. players are beginning to find it easier to use their credit cards, at least for deposits.  Although the credit card does need to be approved for international payments, (which is easily done via a phone call to your bank) and U.S. citizens will be required to fill out a form to send in with identification to complete their credit card payment.  However, they can be restricted in some countries and on the other side, some people like to keep their bank accounts and poker accounts separate.

Visa - the most popular way to find an online casino

In some countries it is possible to buy a pre-paid credit card from a convenience store.  If you consider doing this then I would advise contacting the staff at your chosen casino to find out which brands are being accepted.

Some of the more popular credit cards are


Visa Debit

•Visa Electron




•Visa Delta

Some of the more popular pre-paid credit cards are

•Eco Card




The rules for MasterCard’s are much like that for Credit/Debit cards.  They are safe secure and so long as they have been registered for international payments quick and efficient.  


EntroPay is a form of pre-paid debit card that you can link to your bank account or other credit cards and acts as a virtual online credit card. It enables anonymous deposits to your casino account but although it does not regulate US casino activity as heavily as some other credit card companies it does state under their terms and conditions that it prohibits the use of payments to online casino’s by US residents.  

Amex (American Express)

Although, as safe and as fast as any other credit card it is not commonly accepted by online casino’s. However, there are some who accept it but the American Express Card isn’t always openly advertised so it is always worth speaking to the support staff and checking even if it isn’t listed as a payment option.

Credit and Debit Card Pros and Cons


•They are protected from fraudulent use, flexible and fast.

•The majority of casinos accept them.

•Funds in the majority of cases are instantly added to your casino account (once validated/processed).

•It can be credited with any withdrawals from your casino account.

•EntroPay is a virtual online card which means that you do not need to reveal your real card details.


•Not available for all countries.

•The only downside with a MasterCard (at the time of writing this,) is that it cannot be credited from your Casino should you wish to withdraw any winnings.\


How to fund an online casino using eWallets


PayPal is easy to set up, linked with an email account and they generally only ask for identification once a certain amount in transactions have been reached.  Linking multi credit cards and/or bank accounts to your PayPal account is straightforward and perfect for those who wish to pay with real cash using a choice of cards and accounts and who also wish to keep their identity a secret. However, withdrawing any winnings from your PayPal account to your bank account can take a few days for the transaction to be completed.  PayPal is being accepted at more and more online casinos but they do have restrictions depending upon which country you are registered as living in.


With a set up much like PayPal it is becoming one of the top EWallets for U.S. players. Accounts can be funded with eChecks, Money Orders and Bank Transfers but there is a limit of $150 on new accounts.


This service is unique in that you need to be invited before you can join it. To acquire an invite you must send in a request for an account through an online casino that accepts deposits from MyWallet. It usually takes a couple of days for MyWallet to process but once accepted you will receive an email with information on how to open an account.  


Formerly MoneyBookers, Skrill is another eWallet much like PayPal.


Another eWallet much like PayPal however, it is also possible to request a prepaid MasterCard from Neteller enabling you to spend the money or any winnings credited to your Neteller account in shops or stores and even make withdrawals at an ATM machines.


Owned by Skrill, this card replaced the Ukash voucher and is available from many stores worldwide. It works as a type of voucher with a redemption code that you can use at online casino’s to top up your account.

EWallet Pros and Cons


•They more popular eWallets are protected from fraudulent use, flexible and fast.

•Funds in the majority of cases are instantly added to your casino account (once validated/processed).

•It can be credited with any withdrawals from your casino account.

•You can request a MasterCard linked to your Neteller account to access any winnings instantly without having to wait for it to be transferred to your bank account.


•Not available for all countries.

•MyWallet requires an invite and takes time to set up.

•EWalletXpress has a $150 limit on new accounts.

Bank Transfer

A tried and tested method for transferring money it isn’t always instant and you can end up waiting days for the money to reach your casino account.


•Safe and secure means to transfer money


•Depending on your bank it can incur high costs

•Isn’t instant and can take a number of days.

Instant eCheck 

Instant eChecks are relatively new.  They are an electronic version of the paper check and can be used to fund online casinos with the idea that they work in the same way as the paper check does.  This method is gaining in popularity in the UK, USA and Canada. It usually quite fast although not instant, as like the paper check the eCheck must first clear before the funds are available.


•Safe and secure means to transfer money


•Depending on your bank it can incur high costs

•Isn’t instant and can take a number of days.

Person to Person Transfers

Western Union  

This is an option for US players only and can be used to withdraw any winnings but does incur higher fees than most of the other options.  In order to use this method you will need to speak to the support staff at your chosen casino who will give you the information/codes on where to send the money.  Then you may visit a Western Union outlet, hand over the details to the cashier and pay the fee.  You will then be given a transaction number which you pass on to your casino and the money is credited to your account.


MoneyGram works in much the same way as Western Union, requiring codes from your casino and a visit to a MoneyGram store to transfer the money and pay the fees incurred.

Person to Person Transfer Pros and Cons


•They are protected from fraudulent use, flexible and fast.

•The majority of casinos accept them. 

•Funds are instantly added to your casino account 


•It can incur high costs compared to other methods


Fund Online Casino using Bitcoin

The use of BitCoins to fund an online casino account is becoming more and more common due to the anonymity it provides, easy transaction process and low processing fees.  BitCoin is a virtual, online currency not regulated by any centralized currency, individual or government which at the moment makes it very volatile in terms of value.  BitCoins are stored in BitCoin wallets which work in much the same way as EWallets.  Not all casinos accept BitCoins and only exclusive BitCoin only Casino’s at the moment support the withdrawal of winning in BitCoins.

BitCoin Pros and Cons


•They are anonymous.

•Funds are instantly added to your casino account 


•Not all casino’s accept them

•The value of BitCoins can fluctuate wildly.

•Cannot be used to withdraw winnings at all venues.


Overall the safest and quickest methods to use from the comfort of your armchair are your visa or debit cards and your EWallet.  Should you have a problem making a deposit speak with the support staff at the casino, they are there to help you and can often come up with a suggestion or a reason for why your payment isn’t going through, for example that your debit card hasn’t been set up with international authorisation, which can easily be resolved.

If you are worried about whether it is safe to deposit money at a casino’s, stick to a better known site which has been working on building their brand name and use a transaction type that is protected against fraudulent use.

Lastly, check out the fees incurred at the different casino’s for withdrawing and depositing money to determine what works best for you.

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