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We understand that playing at online casinos can be a little bit overwhelming, there are so many casinos, promotions, new features, games modalities… that even for experienced gamblers it can be confusing to find their path to the right online casino.
In this introductory article; we present you the key factors to keep in mind to excel on your first steps at online casinos.

The importance of choosing the right casino

When choosing an online casino there are a few things to consider, you should definitely learn a thing or two about online casinos before you place a bet and we also feel obligated to inform you that there are, unfortunately, a lot of fake sites trying to take advantage of all your hopes and dreams but can be easily avoided if you just pay attention a little bit, so first things first:

Watch out for aspects as the site appearance and reviews made by previews users; this should be a good or bad indicator that the site is trustworthy, and a personal favorite of mine is to directly take a look at the “special games” section and see if they offer a unique and refreshing way of entertainment without leaving aside the more classic and popular games in online gaming such as; blackjack, roulette, poker and slots. Bottom line is, when choosing an online casino always remember that if an offer is too good to be true, it probably is.

Another thing you should consider is that in online gaming you don’t always have to play for real money. There are several different options to fulfill all sorts of gamers including a free trail which allows you to test the site and amuse yourself for a while without actually having to open an account. But, if you do want to start playing the odds and try your luck, that opens a whole new spectrum of possibilities and you have to be real aware of your next moves into the site. Whether is a downloaded online casino or a web based online casino, you should never, ever, under any circumstance, do it illegally. Now, the rules and regulations all vary from country to country but be sure to go directly into the legality of online gambling in your particular jurisdiction. Here, at Chipanalyst we offer you some general pointers to always keep in mind about these places with frequent online gaming around the world such as USA, Europe and Asia.

Also, if you do choose to bet with real money we highly recommend you to make a Betting Strategy Suitable for eSports. Although this will not give you the certainty of a sure win, it will definitely increase the odds. How can you do this? Well, gather as much information as possible about your chosen game, the players, the team dynamics, the opposition and that way is easier to predict possible outcomes. Also, a good recommendation is to start small or start placing bets with virtual currencies so you can track when and where is it that you receive the best profits.

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How to pick up your bonus?

Now that you know you have to be real smart when choosing an online casino and you have heard all our recommendations, here is one more: let`s call it a BONUS, yes, pun intended! Of course we have a whole section about it in the site and if you’re interested you can browse a little bit more about the specifics in our Best Online Casino Bonuses article, which is obviously updated continuously just for you.

Ok, let’s get back to topic. The benefit of bonuses is that, as a new user you do not have to put a lot of cash to begin practicing and getting familiarized with the platform, you can begin your gambler career with a few bucks and a big bonus, and believe it or not, some casinos do offer some pretty great and generous bonuses just to keep you as a client. However, we do always recommend to start with a free trial in several platforms so you can get a proper taste of what is like and discover your preferences and if it is worth your time, this is also a good indicator of whether the site is reliable or not, because if you think about it; if they don’t offer a free and you just open an account without previous acquaintance and knowledge you might be compromising your money and reducing your free will and options to win big. On the contrary, some other casinos offer great discounts and coupons for beginners or loyal customers, and those are always the way to go. Another thing that will definitely should and will, conscious or subconscious, influence your decision is the software used; this should be completely user-friendly borderline intuitive; some of the most recognized and reliable software that these respectable casinos tend to use include Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic. Goes without saying though that you should watch out for any sign of complications or shady aspects. A good online casino should be completely transparent about their transactions, rules, regulations and details about deposits.

Start gambling online with real money

When you use your free trial and are ready to engage in some serious betting, you have to evaluate the value for money bonuses, meaning? You have to analyze and make sure that you get the best in return for your investment. Here are some tips you must consider when placing a real money bet:

  • Bonuses – They can either be provided to you if you are new to the online casino or perhaps because you have made a hefty deposit. The savings can start from 50% or more.
  • Free Spins –The purpose of a free spin is to get you accustomed to the games so that you can keep coming back for more.
  • Loyalty Bonus – This can usually refer to cash bonuses or discounts as a reward.
  • Free Bet – There are some bets you can place for free.
  • 30 Minutes Free Play – You are allowed to pay for thirty minutes without making any deposits or payments to the online bookie.

The list keeps going, every casino will offer a wide variety of bonus to keep their users motivated, and as you get involved in the world of online you’ll realize these promotions are the key to make the best of your online gambling experience. However, you do have to put on some thought, choose what it’s best for you at the moment and if, for any reason, you don’t feel comfortable in a site anymore, just change. There’s a sea of opportunities for online casino players.

Briefly, I have to mention that there are some, already known, popular and trust worthy casino bonuses like Ruby Royal that offers up to 300% deposit bonus or 888 Live happily offer 100% deposit bonus which can mount up to $200 or even more. Bottom line is you do have to pay attention to the small print and don’t let the excitement get to your head to avoid any possible scam, remember we live on the age of publicity and well, that isn’t always real life.

Let’s talk about success: Online Casino big winners

Take Elmer Sherwin for example, who was lucky enough to hit the jackpot of the Megabucks slot machine not only once but twice in a lifetime, 16 years apart. Or even the group of MIT geeks that beat Las Vegas by card counting, a technique based on reviewing the cards that are out and analyzing if the next ones will be high or low, at the blackjack table which contrary to popular believe it is no harder to count a few decks than it is to just count one and you also do not need some sort of extra gifted brain to do it.

Start playing at online casinos for real money

Let us not forget that the main point of gambling is entertainment and amusement but there’s no better feeling than winning while having fun, and no biggest shame in betting “all in” in a poker table and walking away empty handed in front of a bunch of strangers, is it? Joking, it really makes no sense to me at all but I am a sucker for happy endings and there is this one story that makes my heart smile and believe in gaming and betting for a life. It’s about a man, who’s desperate to save his father in need of a heart and liver transplant as well as in major need to pay huge hospital bills; one day while sitting in front of the television he sees an ad of Betway about online gaming so convincing that he decides to try his luck on Microgaming's "Mega Moolah" progressive slot machine and oh! sweet, sweet luck! He becomes an instant millionaire when one of his spins hit the jackpot of £13,212,882, which at the time was equal to €17,879,645.12. and the biggest jackpot win in an online gaming casino according to the Guinness Book of World Records by 2015.

Now, in the era of social media and smartphones you don’t even have to go all the way to Las Vegas or Atlanta for a shot to become a Millionaire, hell you don’t even have to be in front of a computer, you can place a bet while talking to your Uber driver and win a million bucks by the time you are home. Casinos have evolved and become accessible by anyone who has access to internet, and that just opens a whole new bunch of possibilities, maybe way much than one person can handle because, if anything, to much options of something may also be a little bit overwhelming. When someone decides to give it a shot in an online casino, as previously mentioned there are a bunch of things to consider but first and foremost your taste in games or the common crowd pleasers games are usually a good starting point; you can go from online poker to roulette, or slot machines to blackjack, heck you can even bet on your grandson turning into a huge soccer player one day; just like Peter Edwards did when his grandson, then 3-year-old Harry Wilson, bet he would someday play at Wales National team. He placed a bet of 80$USD and the house gave him 2500:1 odds. Luckily for him, Harry made his debut 13 years later and made his grandfather the richest and proudest one of all.

Anyway, I know you have your mind set to start playing at online casinos right in this moment after hearing all these successful stories about people discovering this fantastic pastime and turning their life around. And if you think about it, gambling have been an entertainment activity since the beginning of times, probably the oldest pastime of all. But why? What is so appealing about the risk of losing some money, properties or even a little tiny bit of dignity? My guess it’s that is not the money we want or even care about but the chance to win so much by doing so little and well, let’s face it. That IS appealing. It’s simplicity at its best and if you think about it; ever since we’re children we are programmed to believe that there is an opportunity out there just for us that will make our life way easier and greater; it used to be fairytales with a millionaire prince or maybe get stunt by a spider and turn into a superhero but as we grow older we “understand” that chances are, that’s not going to happen; so instead, we gamble. We pick a slot, card or number and hope your life changes forever and your fairytale begins because if we’re really honest with ourselves. We’ve heard way more stories about someone who won the jackpot than someone who turned into a superhero.

I’ll let that last reflection sink in and leave you alone so you can continue to discover the rest of amazing, educated, well-written and up-to-date content we so gladly and sincerely provide for you from the top of our decks dedicated specially for you, big dreamer and let us one more time remind you that online reviews are this century VIP list and if you want to place a bet against the best, you don’t have to be the best but you do have to be familiar with the lingo.

Until next time champ!