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The Best Jackpot Slots of Online Casinos

The popularity of slot machines is great news for casino operators who make most of their profits off of them. It is estimated that casinos in the United States earn between 65 and 80 percent of their profits from slot machines. A revenue report by the Nevada Gaming Control Board showed that slot machines raked in the state earned a tad of $7 billion between March 2015 and February 2016. In that same period, casinos made over $4 billion from table games while sports betting made $19 million which is really a drop in the bucket.

Play the Best Jackpot Slots of Online Casinos

There are a few reasons why online slot games get so much attention from the internet gambling public. For starters, they are easy to play. Simply select a wager amount, press the “spin” button, and then say a quick prayer to the gambling gods. Another reason is that slot games require no real skill. Sure, some people use various strategies but spinning a winner relies solely on chance. Perhaps the biggest reason that online slots machines are preferred by so many gamblers is that they offer an opportunity to win a nice chunk of money.

Progressive jackpot slots are wildly popular among slot fanatics who dream of winning a life-altering sum of money. While regular single slots can pay out jackpots worth tens of thousands of dollars, progressive jackpot slots can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. The best online casinos boast some excellent progressive slots that have massive jackpots waiting to be won. They also offer their customers the convenience of mobile casino platforms which allow players to access their favorite progressive slot games no matter where they are.

How Do Video Slots Work

It doesn’t matter if they are single machines or progressive slots, random number generators are at the hearts of all online slots. Random number generators are essentially complicated algorithms that are constantly generating new number combinations even when the game is not being used. Random number generators work incredibly fast perpetually spitting out thousands of new numbers in the blink of an eye. Every time a player presses the spin button, the number combination that the RNG has generated at that very second determines the outcome of the spin. Each slot game has a pay table that dictates how often the slot will pay and how much it will pay out.

Some people might think that RNGs can be rigged in favor of casinos or have other exploitable flaws but this is where internationally approved independent software testing agencies like eCogra come into play. These agencies thoroughly test online games to ensure that they are 100% fair. Even the most trusted and respected software developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech have their games approved by the most reputable testers like eCogra. Any online slot game that has been approved by eCogra can be trusted to be fair and functional.

How to Play the Best Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

How Online Progressive Jackpot Slots Work

As opposed to single machine jackpots which can take a long time to build, progressive jackpot slots are linked together through a network and this allows the prize amount to grow a lot quicker and higher in value. Every time an online progressive slot player makes a bet and spins the reels, a small portion of that bet goes directly into the ever-building progressive jackpot. Think of it as a small side bet. While the specific percentage differs depending on the game, it is usually about one percent of the bet. In other words, if you bet $1 on a progressive slot spin, one cent would be added to the progressive jackpot. That might not seem like a lot of money, but one must consider that thousands of players could be playing that same online progressive slot game at different online casinos and are contributing to the jackpot with every spin of the reels.

One thing that players who have dreams of winning a multi-million dollar progressive jackpot should know is that they will usually need to place a maximum bet if they want to be eligible to win the whole progressive jackpot. However, there are exceptions. Players who make minimum bets on progressive slots can still win very impressive sums of money. Be sure to understand the eligibility requirements of a given progressive slot before you start betting.

The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

Mega Moolah: Mega Moolah is one of the most popular online progressive slot games and the fact that the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot recently made a lucky player nearly $22 million richer has surely made the game even more popular. That progressive jackpot was won on September 28, 2018, and the win set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest online progressive jackpot slot prize. It was the 7th time in 2018 that Mega Moolah’s progressive jackpot was won and the payouts have been no less than $2.3 million. Five of those seven progressive jackpots paid out over $5 million.

Mega Moolah is a 5-reel slot with 25 paylines and is powered by Microgaming which is one of the most recognizable and trusted game developers in the world. The game’s visuals along with the many ways to win make this progressive online slot game one of the most exciting online slots out there. Those who want to take a shot at winning a multi-million dollar progressive jackpot can play Mega Moolah at Spin Palace Casino at any time of day on their desktop or mobile device. Don’t forget to take advantage of Spin Palace’s generous $1,000 New Player Bonus which gives you more chances to become a millionaire.

Road Hogs: With 5 reels and a whopping 50 paylines, Road Hogs offers online progressive slot players plenty of chances to win. Road Hogs also offers 5 separate progressive jackpots starting with Blitz Cash and working all the way up to the massive Colossal Cash jackpot. One of the great things about this game is that the jackpots are paid out randomly, so players don’t need to place maximum bets in order to win, although maximum bets increase your chances. Free spins and prize multipliers add another dimension of fun to Road Hogs and a progressive jackpot of over $3 million really adds to the excitement.

Aside from offering huge cash prizes, Road Hogs gives players an exciting slot experience with its smooth-flowing and pleasing graphics. Being available on desktop and mobile platforms, players can play this game whenever they want from anywhere a wireless signal is available. Just head over to the Bwin Casino, sign up for an account, and then make a deposit using any of their easy and instant payment methods. Then it’s time to enjoy the fast-paced action and try to turn your dream of winning a gargantuan jackpot into a reality.

Mega Fortune: On January 20, 2013, a very lucky player won a progressive jackpot worth over $20 million on Mega Fortunes. Up until September 2018, this was the largest progressive slot jackpot ever won. Mega Fortune is powered by industry giant NetEnt and it features 5 reels and 25 paylines. The graphics, which depict fancy jewelry, limousines and luxurious yachts, are pleasing to the eye and give players some ideas as to how they would spend all of that jackpot cash.

Players can try to win any of three different progressive jackpots which have their totals displayed above the reels. There are wild symbols, bonus symbols, and free spins with multipliers which lend to Mega Fortune’s fun factor as does the fact that the return to player is 96.6%. Those who aspire to be the next big Mega Fortune progressive jackpot winner can register at Mr. Green Casino, make a deposit, collect a valuable bonus, and then start spinning the reels. Players can also give Mega Fortune a test drive with play money on their desktop or mobile device.

Learn how to Win Big with Mega Fortune Online Slots

Millionaire Genie: This popular progressive slot game has made millionaires out of several people including a 47-year-old woman from the UK who won a $4.3 million jackpot at 888 Casino after she bet £1.50 in December 2016. Millionaire Genie’s progressive jackpot is randomly triggered and this huge win is proof that you can win big without betting the maximum.

Millionaire Genie features 5 reels for a total of 15 paylines and the jackpot builds rapidly because so many people play it. Plenty of bonus features such as wilds and free spins along with impressive 3D graphics give players a sense of adventure which appeals to a wide range of players. The game was created Random Logic which is 888’s development department. This is why you will only be able to play Millionaire Genie at 888 Casino or any of their sister sites such as the highly-rated 777 Casino which boasts some excellent bonuses and a very good VIP program.

Arabian Nights: Another one of NetEnt’s popular products, Arabian Nights is one of the most recognizable game titles in the online slot world. With 5 reels and 10 paylines, Arabian Nights is very easy to play. Players choose their bet amount and then either click on the “Spin” button or set the game to auto. Flying carpets, magic lamps, and piles of gold are among some of the enticing images that spin before your eyes and hopefully line up in a winning fashion. Those lucky enough to make a maximum bet and have a payline come up with all five Princes will have millions of reasons to celebrate because that combination wins the progressive jackpot. Those who do not wager the maximum but manage to hit the magic combination will still walk away with a very substantial cash prize.

Arabian Nights offers a 95.6% return to player which means that the game pays out quite frequently. Special features like wilds, free spins, and scatters have kept players coming back again and again for many years. Your first step towards winning an Arabian Nights progressive jackpot is going to a reputable online casino like Bitcasino and opening an account. Bitcasino is one of the best Bitcoin online casinos on the planet and they are currently offering a number of bonuses and promotions to new and existing customers.

Gladiator: Gladiator, which is a progressive jackpot slot game that is based on the Oscar Award-winning movie, is a 5 reel, 25 payline game that was originally released by Playtech in 2008 before it turned into a progressive jackpot game in 2012. The sharp graphics and sounds bites from the movie certainly make for a memorable slot experience but winning the game’s impressive progressive jackpot has been the most memorable part of the Gladiator experience for many lucky players. Gladiator helmets are wild symbols and can set off the game’s bonus features while the scatter symbol is the Colosseum which can trigger even more bonus features and huge prizes. This game also comes with a “Gamble” feature which is essentially a 50/50 bet in which players who have just won can either double up on those winnings or risk losing it all.

The Gladiator progressive jackpot online slot game has paid out vast fortunes over the past few years and you can get your share of the wealth any time of day using your desktop or mobile device. Go to Ladbrokes Casino, open an account, and claim your £50 Welcome Bonus that is waiting for you right now. Make sure you check out some of the other great progressive jackpot slots that they offer.

Get Tips For Playing Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

Tips For Playing Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

As previously mentioned, winning an online progressive slot jackpot is based on sheer luck although there are some basic strategies that seasoned slot players employ. One such strategy involves monitoring how frequently an online progressive slot pays out its jackpot. If a progressive jackpot has recently been won after building for several months, it is unlikely that the jackpot will be hit again in such short order. Conversely, if an online slot game’s progressive jackpot is hit on an average of every 10 months and it’s been a year since it was last hit, there is a good chance that it will pay off soon. It’s important to remember that the outcomes are completely random and it’s all a matter of luck but those jackpots will eventually be won.

As with any other form of gambling, it is also crucial that progressive slot players establish and stick to a budget. It’s easy to get carried away when there is so much money at stake but responsible players stay within their limit and do not allow themselves to be tricked into believing that they are due for a win. Some online progressive jackpot slot players prefer to play slot games with lower denominations and fewer paylines so that they can place maximum bets without going broke after a couple of spins. Your progressive jackpot slot experience should be more of an entertaining diversion than a way to make money. High rollers and those with more modest gambling budgets can also stretch their bankrolls by finding an online casino that has good loyalty rewards and a superior VIP program.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to try progressive jackpot slots with play money first so that you can get a feel for them. Most slot titles have their own small subtleties and it is important to understand them. It also helps if you find reliable online casinos that offer no-deposit bonuses so that you aren’t risking any of your own money when you start playing.

Have fun and may the gambling gods be with you!