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Vegas Bitcoin Casino Review: VegasCasino.io

Online gambling offers players a world of opportunities to place bets and engage in games of chance. Along with that, it also provides casino operators with a great environment to innovate and try new things. One of the newer developments for internet gambling has been from some casinos offering games in the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. This provides online gamblers with a unique opportunity and it may even help to draw some Bitcoin devotees into the internet gambling scene. With VegasCasino.io being one of the largest online operators that deals in the Bitcoin currency, let’s take a look at their operation to see whether a Bitcoin casino can stack up with the operators that use more traditional payment methods.

VegasCasino Overview

VegasCasino.io is an online gambling website that operates strictly in the currency of Bitcoin. Online gambling and Bitcoin seem like they would make a perfect match, but the industry has been slow to adopt this payment method as an alternative to traditional means like bank transfers and credit cards. With VegasCasino.io, players that are looking to gamble with their Bitcoins, now have a great range of options. The online casino offers a website version for use on the PC and it has a mobile version that can be good for tablets and Smartphones. Players also have access to a nice assortment of games with more than 250 games of chance and a sports book.

Games Offered with VegasCasino

As mentioned above, VegasCasino.io offers a great selection to choose from when it comes to their Bitcoin gambling. At VegasCasino.io, the consumer can choose from games developed by the likes of Play ‘n Go, Novomatic, GameArt and Betsoft. This assortment includes all of the online casino standards like black jack, roulette, slots, poker, video poker, baccarat, dice and more. Additionally, most of the options come in various forms to suit the needs of different players. The player can choose from various forms of poker that include games like hold ‘em and stud, you have different versions of black jack, roulette and video poker and more than 200 different slot machines to choose from. With this many gaming options to choose from, VegasCasino.io is not just a gimmick that is trying to cash in on the rising popularity of the cryptocurrency, it is a full-fledged, realistic option for online casino gambling.

Tipsy Tourist Slot at Vegas Casino

Game Fairness

VegasCasino.io and Bitcoin are relatively new to the online gambling scene, and for some bettors, this can be cause for concern. However, they do seem to be an organization that is dedicated to providing a high-quality user experience, and ensuring fairness does seem to be a part of this package. All of the games that are featured at this Bitcoin casino are tested by Gaming Labs to guarantee a level of fairness in play and a competitive payout ratio. Of course, the payout ratio is going to depend on the game that is being played, but they rank fairly well in comparison with many of the major online gambling sites.

Bonus Codes

Just like all of the top online casinos, this operator offers a range of bonuses to draw players in and to keep them playing. To start with, they offer a 100% welcoming bonus for new players. There are some terms and conditions, but any player can get a bonus that matches their first initial deposit on the account that can run up to a total of 1000 mBTC. Beyond that, VegasCasino.io runs a second deposit bonus that will match the amount of the deposit by 50%, and a reload bonus for every deposit thereafter that will boost all deposits by 25%, with both bonuses having a 1000 mBTC limit.

In addition to the regular bonuses that are available from VegasCasino.io, they often run promotions for different games and various forms of betting. If you are a regular to the site, and you engage in a variety of different games, then it is very likely that you will have access to at least a few promotional offers.

Specs of Casino

The VegasCasino.io website has a nice design and it is somewhat understated in comparison with many of the competitors. Everything is laid out nice and easy on the front menu and it is not hard to find the games that you are looking for. It has a series of tabs at the top of the screen that list the different game categories and the player can click on any of these to search for the game that they want. As mentioned above, you have more than 250 gaming options to choose from and you can play live games, jackpot slots, table games, bet on sports and more. In addition to that, the site makes it very easy to contact the support staff and to find more information about their operation. All in all, it is a very well designed online casino with a broad variety of betting options and it offers one of the more user-friendly experiences on the web.

Vegas Casino Bitcoin Dice

Deposits and Withdrawals

All deposits and withdrawals on VegasCasino.io are through the Bitcoin system. If you are already familiar with Bitcoin, then this will be easy enough, but it isn’t anything that will be overly complicated for people that are new to the digital currency. You just use the Bitcoin address or the QR code from the VegasCasino.io website to deposit Bitcoins from your wallet to the site. The withdrawal method is equally simple. You just click withdrawal and enter the amount that you want to send from your balance on the site, to your Bitcoin wallet.

Support and Security

VegasCasino.io offers a decent support and security infrastructure. They have support teams that are working 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and they can be contacted to help players with any gaming issues that they may have, or to address any problems that a player may experience with the site. The players can leave queries with an email address from the site and the support team will respond promptly to help the individual. They also have pages for all of the terms and conditions that come with playing on the site and for different promotional offers.

Mobile Version

To increase the accessibility of the gaming options, many of the online casinos will also build a mobile version that players can take anywhere, and VegasCasino.io is no exception. The mobile version of VegasCasino.io is nice and it does offer a good selection of games, but the website has more options. The compatibility for mobile devices will probably increase as they release new versions of the mobile software, but for now, the site does have a lot more to offer.


The website is built for accessibility and it really makes the gaming experience nice and easy. If you are new to Bitcoin, the most extensive part of the process will probably be getting your Bitcoin wallet set up. If you already use Bitcoin, then you can be registered and ready to play in just a few minutes. At the site, you have a more extensive selection of games and betting options than you do on the mobile version and everything runs just a bit smoother. At any given time, you can find a variety of games to enter that include everything from a poker rooms and various black jack tables to jackpot slots, roulette, video poker and dice. With its easy to understand set up and the range of different options, this can be a good site for experienced online gamblers and people that are new to the world of internet gambling.

Vegas Casino Sport Betting

Pros and Cons

This is a format that has a lot of pros and few cons. First, the use of Bitcoin can be great because it is a currency that offers a level of anonymity to the gamer. If you live in a place where online gambling is either prohibited or heavily restricted, this could be a major bonus. Additionally, the payments are safe and secure through the Bitcoin system and it also makes for almost instant payouts when you transfer your winnings back to your wallet.

As a negative, the main problem is that many people do not use Bitcoin and it could limit the action at times. Most people still prefer to play with traditional currencies and this could mean that you will have fewer tables to choose from in regard to games that require other players. If you like games where you play on your own, then this won’t be an issue, but it could affect some players when there are down times.

VegasCasino.io can be a fine option for almost all of your online gambling needs. The need to use Bitcoin may deter some players, but if you are willing to give this new form of currency a try, this site offers a great selection of games and betting options and the site has been fully audited to ensure fairness and transparency.

Reviews by players


Reviewed on Nov 23, 2018

Vegas Casino is one of my favorite online casinos, they have great games and promotions, perfect for playing on the go!

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They could offer more payment options besides Bitcoin

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Reviewed on Nov 18, 2018

I like that they have several interesting games different from the usual ones on other casinos

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I don't like that playing from computers is limited.

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